The Project Workshop Diversis- Social economy unit – is a project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union. Workshop Diversis is a sheltered tailoring workshop located in Ghimbav, Brasov.
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The main objective of the Project Workshop Diversis – Social economy uniti s to promote and consolidate institutional partnerships between the solicitant romanian organization and the two swiss partner-organizations in order to develop the structures of the romanian partner and the innovative services offered to the beneficiaries. The solicitant organization will benefit from plus of the swiss experience based on voluntary activities.
Specific objectives are:
1. Development of a inovative service of insertion in work, with a capacity of 8-10 persons with disabilities or young adults who recently went out of orphanages. 
2. Developing of the two partnerships with the Swiss organisations in the organisational development and social economy domains.  
3. Elaboration of a strategy of organizational development with participation of 15 employees of the solicitant organization under the supervising of the expert, the swiss partner Verein zur Unterstützung verlassener Kinder in Rumänien. Inside this strategy of development for 5-10 years an important role plays the innovative service of work-insertion.
- initial promotion for the project in order to select beneficiaries
- data base with potential beneficiaries
- 1 visit to Switzerland for technical assistance (4 persons from the project-team and 3 beneficiaries)
- 1 legal constituted social economy unit
- 1 market-study and business plan
- 1 renovated space, utilated as tailoring workshop
- 1 site of the project
- 3 courses for tailoring for the beneficiaries (on contract bases)
- 3 employees of the workshop for vulnerable persons in the first year of economic activity
- 2h/week/beneficiar (at least) of counseling, rehabilitation, in order to solve daily problems
- 4 training-sessions in this 2 years for the project-team and for minimum 17 employees/volunteers of the solicitant organization, realized by the swiss expert
- 1 strategy for organizational development for 5-10 years
- 3 visits in Romania from the swiss partner for technical assistance
- 1 economic activity
- 1000 flyers and 500 anual reports with presentation of the activities and the results of the project but also the services offered by the solicitant organization
3 meetings, workshops, for spreading the good practice experience and for transferring know how in the local ONG-network in wich we are members (meetings of CAN Bv and monthly meetings at Casa Sperantei Brasov)
Partners: Venein zur Unterstützung Verlassener Kinder in Romänien, Basel, Switzerland and Stiftung Wendepunkt , Muhen, Switzerland